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L-Mart works closely with clients to customize, build, and optimize brands and business. Regardless of size, consulting services range from Digital, Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Grants, and everything in between.


Digital marketing strategy is more than an easy to navigate user friendly website - it involves

a vibrant web profile, effective search engine optimization, as well as social media presence. L-Mart specializes in interactive, attractive and cost efficient websites delivering results

across all devices. We also rejuvenate existing websites with new content, maximizing

additional audience engagement and page views.  

L-Mart offers an extensive range of services and expertise:

web design, website maintenance and development, digital marketing, art direction,

search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, social media campaigns, graphic design,

copy writing services, analytics implementation and tracking, photography, webmaster,

content driven production, interaction design, traditional marketing plans, front end development, public relations, press releases, grant writing, targeted email marketing,

offline marketing, newsletter distribution, niche marketing, mailing list management and maintenance, advertising layout and flyers, and more.

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